Welcome to Eric Puffett Master Thatcher & Partner

Established for nearly 30 years

Eric Puffett Master Thatcher and Partner have nearly 30 years of experience in Devon and the Home Counties, employing traditional methods to produce the homely, rounded appearance of the West Country style of thatching [rather like custard over pudding!]. We have also undertaken projects in both France and Ireland.

As a two person team we provide a friendly but professional service. We have also undertaken projects, both large and small, and are in the position to travel near and far.

Inspection of roofs are provided with an assessment of work needed to be undertaken and options available discussed before a free quotation is given.

VAT is not charged on our labour. We are also able to tackle the myriad of problems that can be uncovered when dealing with older, traditional cob buildings; including replacement of rafter ends, re-timbering, re-building cob walls, cob repairs and lime rendering. Re-pointing of chimneys and application of flashings can also be carried out.

West Country thatching is normally completed in either combed wheat reed or water reed, and can be finished with a saddle or butt-up ridge. We favour a saddle type ridge, held down with a heavy pattern of lattice spar work between two horizontal liggers.

Combed wheat reed is the locally grown material. While the water reed is most commonly imported from Europe, both materials can produce coatwork [the main structure of the roof] with the well rounded look so indicative of our region.